Sunday, April 21, 2013

Live from IKEA is ALIVE!

Live from IKEA is a research/art project by Cross Disciplinary Media Artist,  John D. Freyer (ME) and Anthropologist Johan Lindquist. Johan and I are living in the 25m Apartment Showroom at IKEA Tampines  through Tuesday 23rd. We will be taking portraits and interviewing shoppers at IKEA Tampines about what they bought and why.  Come see us in Singapore!  Today we had the pleasure of working with one of Denisa Kera's student from NUS.  Jeng Yi was a total Rockstar of an assistant!  She helped building our Franken Light, she built a Lil' Billy Bookcase on wheels, and designed the Lack Map (below) which is for our "Self Tracking" exercise.   Jeng Yi may also contribute to the blog in the coming days, but until then check out her excellent Instagram page. THANK YOU Jeng Yi!  (She also took all of the photos in the previous post)


  1. This is awesome John!
    I invited two Brazilian who are living now n Singapore, to go to IKEA, look for you and participate in your interviews :) Their names are MARCELO and CLARISSA, and he is such a creative mind, he used to be creative director in Advertising agencies in Brazil. I hopt it works!

  2. Thank you John and Johan! I'm humbled and you're absolutely welcomed! :) All the best for today, I'm sure it'll be AMAZING! Can't wait to see all the photos you guys would be taking!