Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Always 10 am in IKEA except when it's not

So today Johan did most of the posting b/c I did most of the talking, shooting, running, etc.  This project is kicking both of our asses, but it really has been amazing.  It's almost 4 am and I am about to get a little sleep before IKEA starts again but I just wanted to post some brief observations.

First Jeng Yi who assisted us yesterday sent us the Chinese characters for Billy Bookcase & Kyla designed our new patch which we are having made right now.  Thanks, Thanks and Thanks again.

Second we finally started making portraits! We almost need another week but tomorrow will have to do.  Our first participant Emma Wong spent more than an hour with us today and has volunteered to come back and work with us tomorrow so that we can get more than two portraits and "shop-drawings" done.  There is no internet in IKEA stores so we can't post any video really util the project is over.  But we have some amazing video to share.  On Wednesday we will go to NUS and get on the T1 line and post video till our the bits are in pieces.

I think that we are going to have a Breakdown/Takedown Party at IKEA Tampines tommorow night @ 8pm after we wrap up the shooting, we will need help with De-John/Johan-ing the apartment which is now filled with our family photographs and lots and lots of cable ties.

Well here are some photo and the new patch.  Good Night!  Also lost of stuff on Facebook too.

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